`Music DVD index

I've recently started collecting DVD shows and have a DVD+R burner. At present I can only copy shows, but hope to be able to convert material from video and video disk in the near future. I'm also downloading DVD material via bit torrent sites, where there is a large range of material, both pro-shot and audience.

Grades are as follows:

A = Great quality, you shouldn't be disappointed.

B = Okay, tend to be converted from VHS sources or audience recordings, still highly watchable.

C = Only for hardened fans, poor quality or flawed.

Disks without comments or other details are ones I've not found time to view yet.

Artist Venue / Title Date Disks Source / Quality
Ryan Adams Later with Jools Holland / Des & Mel   1 Satellite TV broadcast
Ryan Adams Manchester Academy   1  
Ryan Adams Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA 28/09/2001 1  
Ryan Adams "Lola da Musica", Paradiso, Amsterdam 18/10/2001 1 TV broadcast (A)
Ryan Adams Astoria, London 20/11/2001 1 Audience shot (B)
Ryan Adams Astoria, London 20/11/2001 2 Audience shot (B)
Ryan Adams Brixton Academy, London   1 Audience capture, converted from VCD (C)
Ryan Adams "AVO sessions", Konserthuset, Malmo, Sweden 18/11/2002 1 Digital TV (A) (Includes Jesse Malin)
Ryan Adams Concerto Music Store, Amsterdam, NL 20/11/2003 1 Audience shot, sync problems (C)
Ryan Adams Norwegian TV & Swedish TV interviews   1 TV broadcast
Ryan Adams So Alive documentary & CMT Crossroads (with Elton John)   1 TV (A)
Ryan Adams & Elton John "CMT Crossroads" concert   1 Audience capture
Ryan Adams & Phil Lesh Dulcinae's, Denver, CO 14/07/2005 1 Audience capture (C)
Ryan Adams & Tift Merritt Austin City Limits   1 TV capture
Ryan Adams & Whiskeytown   1  
Ash CDUK 10/07/2004 1 TV broadcast (A)
Athlete Gurtenfestival, Switzerland 15/08/2005 1 TV broadcast (A)
The Beatles "Rooftop Concert"   1 Pro Shot (A)
The Beatles "20 Years Ago Today"   1 TV documentary about Sgt. Pepper from VHS(A)
The Beatles Budokan, Japan 1966 1 Pro shot, documentary & concert (A)
Pat Benatar & Martina McBride CMT Crossroads   1 Pro-shot from TV broadcast (A)
Tim Booth (Ex James) Glastonbury 2004 1 Digital TV broadcast (A)
Bright Eyes Unknown location & date   1 Audience from VHS (C)
Kate Bush "Christmas Special", BBC 2 28/12/1979 1 TV broadcast, converted from VHS (B)
Kate Bush Hammersmith Odeon, London 12/05/1979 1 Pro shot video, converted from VHS (A)
Camper Van Beethoven "Mad City Music", Madison, Wisconsin 24/10/2004 1 In store promo, Aud shot (A)
The Clash "Dead beat at Dawn" Various 1 TV & promos (A to B)
The Coral Carling Live 24, Manchester 19/02/2006 1 TV broadcast (A)
Elvis Costello VH1 Storytellers & Woodstock 1999 1999 (?) 1 TV broadcast (A)
Elvis Costello Unplugged   1  
Elvis Costello From Austin to Montreal 2003/2004 1 TV broadcast (A)
Counting Crows London 13/04/1994 1 Audience (B)
Counting Crows "Rocklife", Luxor, Koln, Germany 15/04/1994 1 TV, converted from VHS (B)
Counting Crows Berlin, Germany 1994 1  
Counting Crows Beacon Theater, Los Angeles, CA 12/02/1996 2 Audience shot
Counting Crows Kansas & Dallas shows 2000 1  
Counting Crows   24/08/2001 1 Audience (B)
Counting Crows   25/08/2001 1 Audience (B)
Counting Crows Amsterdam, Netherlands 2003 1 TV broadcast (A)
Counting Crows Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands 08/06/2003 1 TV broadcast (A)
Counting Crows Staples Centre, Los Angeles, CA 17/07/2003 1 Audience
Counting Crows Pinkpop & Rock Am Ring   1 TV broadcast (A)
Counting Crows Storytellers & Two Meter Sessions (1 & 2)   1 TV broadcast (B)
Counting Crows TV stuff (Behind the music, TV slots, Promo videos) Various 1 TV broadcast, converted from VHS (B)
Counting Crows P.B.S. Soundstage 2004 1 TV broadcast (A)
Counting Crows House of Blues, Chicago, IL 16/07/2004 1 TV (includes other artists)
Counting Crows "Shrek Convert", New York 16/11/2004 1 Pro Shot (A)
Counting Crows Live collection Volume 1 to 12 Various 12 Various (TV & audience) (mainly A)
Counting Crows TV appearances compilation Various 1 Tivo sourced (A)
Death Tijuana, Mexico 06/10/1990 1 Handheld, but very good quality recording (B)
Thomas Dolby "Live wireless"   1  
Nick Drake     1  
Bob Dylan Philadelphia, PA 15/11/2002 1 Audience, Shaky camera at times (B)
Bob Dylan / Various "Talking Bob Dylan Blues" 26/09/2005 1 TV broadcast, of tribute concert (A)
Kathleen Edwards Late night with Craig   1 TV broadcast, Mini DV (A)
Kathleen Edwards "Live at the Rehearsal Hall", City TV Studios, Toronto, Canada 23/11/2004 1 TV Broadcast
Embrace (USA) Alternatives Festival, DC Space, Washington, DC 11/10/1985 1 Stage camera (side view), colour bleed.(C)
Evanescence Rock am Ring, Germany 07/06/2003 1 TV broadcast (A)
The Finn Brothers Live collection Volume 1 Various 1 Mainly TV (A)
Fish Haddington, Scotland 28/05/1994 1 Audience, poor focus & shakes (C)
A Flock of Seagulls Rockpop in Concert, Dortmund, Germany 19/12/1982 1 TV from VHS
A Flock of Seagulls  MTV - Second Annual ( New Year's Eve Rock N Roll Ball ), Palladium , New York, NY 31/12/1982 1 TV from VHS
A Flock of Seagulls Hollywood Park, Los Angeles, CA 30/05/2008 1 TV from satellite
Franz Ferdinand Glastonbury 2004 1 Digital TV broadcast (A)
Franz Ferdinand Festival des Vieilles, Charrues, Crhaix, France 24/07/2005 1 TV broadcast (A)
Futurehead The Shelter, Detroit, MI 28/02/2005 1 Audience recording
Good Charlotte Channel 4, United Kingdom 23/03/2007 1 TV broadcast (A)
Grateful Dead Gizah Sound & Light Theatre, Gizah, Egypt 14/09/1978 to 16/06/1978 1 Semi-pro shot documentary (B)
Green Day Last Call with Carson Daly 12/01/2005 1 Digital TV broadcast (A)
Green Day "VH1 Storytellers - American Idiot, Uncut" 02/04/2005 1 Digital TV broadcast (A)
Gun Town & Country Club, London 1989 1
Guns 'N' Roses Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY 06/10/1991 1 Audience shot
Hanoi Rocks "Hiroshima Rocks", Club Quattro, Hiroshima, Japan 01/03/2003 1 Club Shot Bootleg (A)
Hanoi Rocks Ankkarock Festival, Korso, Finland 31/07/2004 1 TV broadcast, converted from VHS
Icicle Works Meltdown & The Tube TV shows   1 TV broadcasts, converted from VHS (B)
Icicle Works No Stilletos   1 TV broadcasts, converted from VHS (B)
Incredible String Band Woodstock 1969 1  
Elton John Hammersmith Odeon, London 24/12/1974 1 TV broadcast, converted from VHS
Elton John "Inside the actors studio" 16/10/2005 1 TV broadcast A
Jayhawks Video compilation Various 1 Mainly TV broadcasts
Jayhawks 2 Meter Sessions, Later with Maria McKee, Belly up Tavern, Promos   1  
Jayhawks First Avenue, Minneapolis 02/10/1997 1 Pro shot converted from VHS (B)
Jayhawks Austin City Limits 20/06/2003 1 TV broadcast
Jellyfish Live in Munich, Germany 02/10/1997 1 TV broadcast, taken from VHS (B)
Joy Division Substance Video 1978-88 1 Various film & promos - from VHS (B)
Killers Austin City Limits 18/08/2005 1 TV appearance, also includes Spoon (A)
Led Zeppelin Earl's Court, London May 1975 2 Appears to be taken from video tape (B)
Jackie Leven Rockpalast 26/03/2004 1 TV broadcast (A)
Lordi Kauppatori, Helsinki, Finland 26/05/2006 1 TV broadcast
Jesse Malin "AVO Sessions", Konserthuset, Malmo, Sweden 18/11/2002 1 Digital TV (Includes Ryan Adams)
Marah New York   1 Audience shot (B)
Marillion Gothenburg 12/10/1985 1  
John Martyn "Putting my best foot forward" Various 1 TV broadcasts & documentary (A)
Matchbox 20 Australia   1  
Matchbox 20 Rockpalast   1 TV broadcast (B)
Ian McNabb Glastonbury 1994 1 TV broadcast (B)
Ian McNabb Glastonbury 27/06/2004 1 TV broadcast (A)
Ian McNabb The Stables, Milton Keynes 11/02/2005 1 Audience shot, incomplete
Frankie Miller Volume 1, "BBC Scotland presents, in concert"   1 TV broadcast (A)
Frankie Miller Volume 2   1  
Frankie Miller Volume 3   1  
Frankie Miller Volume 4 Various 1 TV sourced from video tape
Alannis Morrisette "PBS Soundstage"   1 TV broadcast - NTSC format (A)
Van Morrison "One Irish Rover"   1 TV broadcast (A)
Van Morrison "I Love the 90's"   1 TV broadcast, not brilliant quality (B)
Van Morrison "As we sail into the music"   1  
Van Morrison City Hall, Sheffield 28/04/1995 1 Audience shot
Stevie Nicks Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA 03/06/2005 1 Audience shot, 2 cameras
Oasis Earls Court, London   1 Pro Shot (A)
Pearl Jam     2  
John Peel Documentary (Volume 1 & 2)   2 TV broadcast converted from 1st gen VHS (A)
Pink Floyd "An Hour With Pink Floyd" 29/04/1970 1 TV broadcast (A)
Pogues Town & Country Club, London 17/03/1988 1  
The Police Hatfield Polytechnic, London 21/02/1979 1  
The Police   01/11/1980 1 Pro shot, but converted from VHS (B)
Porcupine Tree Music, Hall, Koln, Germany 19/11/2005 1 TV broadcast
Pretenders Passaic, NJ 27/09/1980 1 Pro shot, but converted from VHS
Puressence Great Northern Music Show, Manchester 2007 1 TV broadcast
R.E.M.     1  
Josh Ritter Raigmore Motel, Inverness, Scotland 30/11/2006 1 Audience
Rolling Stones     1  
Runrig "Whisky & Gluhwein Tour", Palladium, Cologne, Germany 15/12/2001 1 TV broadcast
Mike Scott (Waterboys) Parr Hall, Warrington 22/11/1994 1 Audience shot (B)
Sensational Alex Harvey Band Rare Live Television Collection 1972-1982 1 TV
Simple Minds Gampel 2003 1  
Slipknot Download Festival, Donnington Park 12/06/2005 1 Audience
Slobberbone Dan's Silverleaf, Denton, TX 13/03/2005 1 Audience, only part of show (B)
Spoon Austin City Limits 17/03/2005 1 TV appearance, also includes Killers (A)
Bruce Springsteen "I F***ed everything up", Largo 15/08/1978 2 Pro shot from closed circuit TV footage (B)
Bruce Springsteen Passaic 2nd Night 20/09/1978 2  
Bruce Springsteen Boss TV on DVD 2002 1 TV performances compilation (A)
Bruce Springsteen "Living in the light", Detroit, MI 24/04/2005 2 Multi-cam mix from screens (A)
Bruce Springsteen     2  
Stereophonics Live Collection Volume 1 (FOTT) Various 1 Pro-shot (A)
Rod Stewart Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY 01/03/2004 1 Audience capture from screen (B)
Josh Stone TV Collection (FOTT) Various 1 TV broadcast (A)
Stereophonics Rockpalast", Philipshalle, Dusseldorf 15/04/2001 1 Digital TV broadcast
Supertramp "Pop Rock", Munich, Germany 1983 1 TV broadcast, probably VHS sourced (A)
Talking Heads CBGB's, New York City, NY Dec 1975 1  
U2 Washington 1992 1  
U2 South Bend, IN 10/10/2001 1 Bono cam from satellite feed (A)
U2 MGM Grand Garden, Las Vegas, NV 05/11/2005 2 Audience shot (B)
Uncle Tupelo 9:30 Club, Washington, DC 14/12/1991 1 Converted from VHS (B)
Various Artists Fridays ABC TV 1980's New Wave 1980-9 1 TV
Various Artists "Tribute to Townes Van Zandt" 21/03/1998 1 TV
Various Artists Cambridge Folk Festival 2002 1 BBC TV broadcast (A)
Various Artists Move & Glastonbury Festival Highlights 2004 1 Digital TV (A)
Various Artists Folk on "Later with Joolz Holland" Various 1 TV sourced (A)
Various Artists Reading Festival 2005 1 TV sourced
Various Artists "Talking Bob Dylan Blues", Barbican Theatre, London 26/09/2005 1 TV sourced (A)
Various Artists "Folk Britannia #1", Barbican, London 02/02/2006 1 TV sourced
Stevie Ray Vaughn     1  
Velvet Revolver "Dirty Little Things - Volume 1   1 TV compilation (A)
Weird Al Yankovic "Al-TV", VH1 TV special 23/06/2003 1 TV broadcast (A)
Waterboys Estudios Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain & Fleadh Festival, Finsbury Park, London 08/11/2000 & 16/06/2001 1 TV broadcast
Waterboys "Silent Tree" 1983 to 1993 1  
Waterboys Letham Pictish Festival 24/05/1987 1  
Waterboys Manchester 03/03/1989 1 Audience shot (B)
Waterboys Milan, Italy 1989 1 Audience shot (B)
Waterboys Rockpalast, Germany Dec 2000 1 TV broadcast (A)
Waterboys (Mike Scott solo) Findhorn, Scotland 28/03/2002 1  
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings Austin City Limits 02/10/2003 1 TV broadcast (Same disk as Jayhawks ACL)
Wilco Farmaid 1998, Sessions on West 54th Street, Irving Plaza & College Various 1 Pro shot (A), except College (audience B)
Wilco New York City, New York 21/04/1999 1 Pro shot (A)
Wilco Sessions at West 54th, New York,

VH1 Hard Rock Live, New York

04/10/1999,  24/04/1997 1 Pro shot (A)
Wilco Rockpalast, Germany 18/05/2002 1 TV broadcast (A)
Wilco & Bright Eyes Austin City Limits (Jhamm Volume 40) 08/01/2005 1 TV broadcast (A)
Robbie Williams Berlin, Germany   1 TV broadcast (A)
Brian Wilson "Pet Sounds Live", London   1 Pro shot (A)
Zero 7 Glastonbury 2004 1 Digital TV broadcast (A)
The Zutons Glastonbury 24/06/2005 1