Kate Bush

Kate Bush is my wife's favourite artist. She has been a fan ever since she first heard Wuthering Heights, and although I don't agree with her taste in this instance, I will gladly trade for her material whenever possible. Kate also has a new album due out either late 2004 or later, which will be her first album since 1993.

These are the shows I currently have:

Show Date No. of Disks
Collaborations & duets Various 1
"Alone at my piano"   1
"Butterfly Kisses"   1
Cathy's Home Demos 1974 & 5 1
Hammersmith Odeon, London   1
"Wow", Live in Amsterdam 1979 1
Empire, Liverpool 03/04/1979 2
Bristol 09/04/1979 2
Live in Manchester 10/04/1979 2
Burning desire   1
Video collection Various 1 VCD