The Police : "3 Ghosts Caught in the Act", 03/09/1982

This was recorded live at the US Festival, Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino, CA. Tracks 3 onwards on disk 2 are from the Synchronicity Tour Rehearsals and were recorded at Lititz, PA on 22/07/1983 from the soundboard, whereas the earlier tracks are audience recordings. Downloaded from (A/A-).


Disk one Disk two
Voices inside my head Can't stand losing you > Regatta de blanc > Be my girl
Message in a bottle So lonely
Every little thing she does is magic Synchronicity I
Walking on the moon Synchronicity II
(Band intros) Walking in your footsteps
Spirits in the material world Message in a bottle
Hungry for you (j'aurai toujour fam de toi) Walking on the moon
When the world is running down... Oh, my God
The bed's too big without you De do do do, de da da da
De do do do, de da da da Wrapped around your finger
Demolition man Tea in the Sahara
Shadows in the rain Hole in my life
I burn for you (bassline) Spirits in the material world
Bring on the night  
Driven to tears  
One world (not three)  
Invisible sun  
Don't stand so close to me  

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