My Trading Rules

Please note these rules are to prevent misunderstandings. I will also keep to these rules when organising trades.

  1. No MP3 sourced material, unless agreed upon prior to trade.
  2. Burn all disks DAO, with individual tracks marked on the disk and no gaps between tracks on live material.
  3. Where artwork is available, please either supply a link to the art on the web or alternatively supply with the trade (either as a hardcopy, on disk or by email.
  4. Use reliable disks, no preference on brand. I normally use either Datasafe or Mirror disks.
  5. Do not supply jewel cases with trade, use either paper or plastic sleeves.
  6. Use padded envelopes or wrap disks in stiff card before posting.
  7. Keep other party informed as to state of trade. (i.e. email when disks are posted and also when package received).
  8. Offer any disks you receive for trade, or as a B&P to help others who are starting out in trading.
  9. Do not sell any of the disks received in trade.

Note: B&P means blanks & postage. In other words if you require a two disk show from me you would send me two blank CDR's, together with sufficient postage to cover their return to you. (A tip is to take the unsealed package to the Post Office for weighing. Then simply enclose stamps to the same value as it costs to post the disks to me, seal the package and post).

Note these are just guidelines, if you have any queries please contact me. If you have problems with any disks you receive from me, let me know and I will do my best to sort the problem.


Derek Hall


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